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We specialize in personalized, private PADI dive instruction from Discover Scuba through Divemaster, and guided diving here on beautiful sunny St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. We have great diving year round with water temps from 77 degrees in the winter to 84 degrees in the summer.

Have you always wanted to try scuba diving?

Come try a Discover Scuba Diving experience with us, you will see all kinds of tropical fish and quite possibly turtles and seahorses. The entire scuba diving experience lasts about 3 hours.

Are you certified?

Are you doing your Open Water class and Confined Water before coming on vacation? We can do your PADI Open Water Diver Referral in our warm clear waters.

Should you become a rescue diver?

Every certified diver should get to this recreational dive level. Check out the Rescue Diver Myth to see why!

Want to learn CPR?

Have you wanted to learn CPR/AED/Basic First Aid or your certification is expired? We can train you to be a Life Saving Care in an emergency. You never know when you may save a life!

Have you Ever Thought About Going PRO?

PRO training by PADI

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Contact us today to start your St. Croix diving adventure with some of the friendliest and best dive instructors on the island!


A diver's prayer

Scuba Diver's Prayer saint croix us virgin islands

The rescue diver myth

MYTH: That is a course for medical professionals, and I am just a fun diver. It is way too hard and I don't need to learn that."

Let us dispel the myth for you. It is NOT a course for medical professionals, but if they are recreational divers, like you, they can take it too, just like you! It is not a hard, long course. The course is going to teach you basics of rescue. And it only take two days to complete! If you are not current on CPR/AED/Basic First Aid, you will take that course at the same time.

rescue diver safety course in saint croix, us virgin islands

Do you want to be a better safer dive buddy? Why take the PADI Rescue Diver course?

Latitude 17 Scuba promotes safe, fun diving for all of our customers. We also have a firm belief that all divers should attain Rescue Diver level at some point in their diving experiences, preferably early on. In PADI, the progression is Open Water, Advanced, and then Rescue Diver. Remember you are learning the basics of rescue for recreational diving to give your buddy a fighting chance until emergency personnel can take over. Major recovery and rescue needs to be left to the professionals.

The Rescue Diver course focuses on learning skills to take care of yourself (self-rescue), take care of your dive buddy or another diver, if a problem arises. The course discusses a wide range of skill sets designed to allow you to "stop, think, and act" in an emergency situation. While the course is physically challenging it is also mentally satisfying, knowing you can help increase the possible survivability of a victim, by having the ability to perform in-water skills. You will find the skills useful on land also. Learning effective CPR/AED/Basic First Aid can help anyone at anytime. We have personal experience in that area which makes us uniquely qualified.

Contact us to discuss how to take you to a level of diving to build your confidence and abilities.


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American citizens don't need a passport to come to the US Virgin Islands. You don't even need diving gear. Just pack your bags and get on the next flight...


United States Virgin Islands - Secure scuba dive session United States Virgin Islands - Secure scuba diving session
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